Date: Tuesday, January 9
Time: On Demand
Duration: 1 hour
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PCIcompliance is a struggle for any organization. But for a largeenterprise, keeping up with the latest mandates of the payment cardindustry (PCI) is especially difficult. And, even as some companies arestill trying to get a handle on the Payment Card Industry Data SecurityStandards (PCI DSS) for the first time, the major credit card companiesare releasing new updates to the standard. During this webcast, theywill discuss what organizations should focus on and how they can ensurethey’re making the grade.

In this webcast, we will talk to several PCI experts, includingSeana Pitt, chairperson of the newly formed PCI Security StandardsCouncil, to discuss the changes and how they will affect organizations’approach to PCI compliance. Also weighing in on this topic is MichaelBarrett, CISO of PayPal.

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