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Professionals all over the globe rely on email daily to communicate with their colleagues, partners and customers. Indeed, according to research firm Radiacati Group, most email traffic is from the corporate space, with the number of business emails sent and received per day in 2012 globally hitting 89 billion. By the end of 2016, this should rise to 143 billion. No wonder, then, that alongside mobile security solutions and tools that provide a more holistic view of their networks, 43 percent of the 488 respondents to SC Magazine’s annual Guarding Against a Data Breach are considering deployments of email management and content filtering tools in 2012. As we look at the various threats that can enter an organization through email, what still proves troublesome and how can companies get a better handle on these? Experts provide guidance in this series of webcasts.
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Setting the stage
May 23th at 2:00pm ET /11:00am PT
Email-borne threats run the gamut. From malware and spyware to spam and phishing. As we look to bolster security in comingmonths, what are the most worrisomeproblems that can crop up and how can riskmanagement plans include measures to address these? And how should other formsof communications – IM, social media and more – play into security planning?
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Data theft
June13th at 2:00pm ET / 11:00am PT

Last year saw attacks on the likes of RSA, the International Monetary Fund andvarious government entities which looked to siphon off critical data andintellectual property for months. Many of these attacks occurred b/c a stafferclicked on malicious email that looked uncannily legitimate. Such targeted spammessages are a growingly worrisomeproblem, with many experts forecast that the much more sophisticated techniques seen in 2011 will only jump this year. To address the specific problem of targetedemails and APTs to ultimately avoid sensitive data getting stolen, what are thebest practices IT security pros can implement in their corporate risk management plans, what are some of the kinds oftechnologies that can help here, and what should staffers know?
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A Zombie apocalypse
June 28th at 2:00pm ET / 11:00am PT

Hijacked computers pepper networks of every size. These zombies are engaged bycyber criminals for activities such as sending spam, stealing data and more.Both email and web-borne threats can easily turn a weakly protected endpointinto a minion for the dark side. Why isit the zombies and these networks are so easily formed, what sorts ofprotections should be in place to prevent your organizations assets becoming apart of a botnet and what other best practices or policies could support theseinitiatives?
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Featured speakers
Alexander Abramov, VP, IT risk management, JP Morgan
Illena Armstrong, VP, editorial director, SC Magazine
Levi Gundert, former agent, USSS
Phil Owens, Senior Sales Engineer, GFISoftware 

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