SC Awards 2017 finalists

SC Awards Finalists 2017 Round One

TRUST AWARDS Best Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) ProtectionAn advanced persistent threat (APT) product and/or service provides real-time detection of and protection against intruders gaining access to an enterprise environment to stealthily extract high-value information assets from targeted organizations in manufacturing, financial, national defense and other industries. Check Point Software Technologies for SandBlast Cisco for Advanced…

Five practices to shift the burden

As organizations move to reduce cyber dwell time, there are several fundamental concepts that should be considered. Listed below are five practices that serve to help organizations decrease dwell time by detecting, containing and controlling cyber threats. 1. Fundamental Security Controls. The first step, which is particularly relevant in the context of containing lateral movement,…

Security 101: Is my sensitive data safe?

Join experts from Informatica who will address in detail the challenges companies face in knowing how to recognize sensitive data, discover where their data resides and how to protect it from attackers.

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