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Escalating IT security threats and strengthening regulatory requirements are driving adoption of multi-factor authentication to unprecedented levels.

Whether you’re implementing multi-factor authentication for the first time or expanding/upgrading your current implementation, A Buyer’s Guide to Multi-Factor Authentication will give you the tools you need today to make an informed buying decision. The webcast includes a look at:

  • Top IT Security Threats, Including Both Current and Evolving Attacks
  • Key Evaluation Criteria, Such as Cost, Security, and Usability
  • How Leading Multi-Factor Authentication Methods Stack Up Against This Criteria

Featured speaker: Steve Dispensa – Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder, PhoneFactor

Steve Dispensa is CTO & Co-Founder of PhoneFactor, an award winning two-factor authentication service that utilizes a device users already have – their phone.  His many accomplishments include designing one of the world’s first broadband wireless internet networks for Sprint, as well as being a five time winner of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award. Steve received his degree from the University of Missouri at Kansas City and holds numerous patents and patents pending. Steve, along with PhoneFactor developer Marsh Ray, recently discovered the TLS/SSL Authentication Gap – a major vulnerability in SSL authentication making it vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks.

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