Detecting the Enemy Within: Getting More out of DLP

Date: Mar. 13
Time: 2:00 p.m. ET / 11:00 a.m. PT

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Trusted insiders not only have access to sensitive corporate data, they also have unprecedented access to mediums with which to move that data. DLP solutions provide a security barrier keeping sensitive data within the organization. But intent insiders can find a way around, making the ability to watch for, detect and alert on new breaches critical to making your Data Leak Prevention strategy even more effective.

Join industry security expert Alan Shimel and SpectorSoft’s Nick Cavalancia as they discuss Detecting the Enemy Within: Getting More out of DLP. It’s Free. It’s Easy. It’s Wednesday, March 13 at 2 PM EST.

In this webinar we’ll discuss: What you should, and shouldn’t expect from your DLP solution, The reality about detecting breach, The 6 Security holes you aren’t really addressing, and how Spector 360 fits into your overall strategy to protect your company’s assets, people and reputation, regardless of the device being used. Sign Up Now and learn how User Activity Monitoring creates insight into when and how sensitive data is being accessed, copied and transmitted, making your DLP implementation even stronger.

Featured speakers:
Nick Cavalancia, VP of marketing, SpectorSoft
Alan Shimel, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, The CISO Group

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