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Guardium, an IBM Company – Protecting Sensitive Data: Detecting and Blocking Unauthorized Access or Changes

In 2009, databases were the number one source of breached records globally.  Databases are an attractive target, containing organizations’ most sensitive data, including financial records, credit card information and customer data.  It is also the reason they are increasingly subject to regulations such as SOX, PCI DSS and the EU Data Privacy Directive.  

In this “10 Minutes On” webcast, Al Cooley, a Director at Guardium, will discuss new ways to monitor and secure access to high-value databases.

Attendees will learn:

  • The challenges of protecting against threats including both privileged users and outsiders.
  • How database activity monitoring and protection solutions can be used to protect databases from unauthorized changes and access.

Featured speaker:
Al Cooley – Director, Guardium, an IBM Company

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Guardium, an IBM Company, safeguards critical enterprise information by continuously monitoring access and changes to high-value databases.  The Guardium solution simplifies governance with unified policies for heterogeneous infrastructures; reduces operational costs by automating compliance processes; and enables organizations to use trusted information to drive smarter business outcomes.