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As IT, security, and audit departments continue to deal with a growing onslaught of security risks and regulations, the message from management in these times of economic uncertainty could not be worse: “do more with less.” As belt-tightening continues for IT, so does the need to gain increased visibility into the inner workings of security data, from system events, to vulnerabilities, to system configuration and performance metrics. Moreover, the burgeoning landscape of regulations, best practices, and standards pushes organizations even harder by requiring them to align this myriad of security data – often from many different point solutions – with specific compliance requirements. How do organizations continue to balance the need to meet both security and compliance requirements, while dealing with flat or even declining budgets?

One solution to this problem is security and compliance automation. By consolidating a broad range of security and compliance data from a myriad of point solutions across the enterprise into a single “pane of glass,” organizations can gain deep visibility into the inter-relationships between events, system configurations, performance, and other security-related data that is required to both effectively manage security, and ensure compliance with regulations, best practices, and standards. Often, this consolidation means that organizations can eliminate some single-purpose point solutions, freeing up critical budget dollars. Moreover, by automating the process of collecting and aggregating security data from across the enterprise, security and compliance automation lowers the bar on personnel costs: employees no longer need to manually correlate data across multiple point solutions, and can spend less time researching, and more time actually addressing security and compliance operations – meeting management’s goal of “do more with less.”

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John Linkous, IT governance, risk and compliance (GRC) evangelist, eIQ Networks

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eIQnetworks is redefining security and compliance management by fostering collaboration across security, network, data center and audit teams to more quickly isolate the root cause of security issues and ensure compliance mandates are being enforced. Global financial, media, healthcare, manufacturing, and government enterprises rely on eIQnetworks to make sense of formerly disparate data sources to react faster to emerging threats, automate their compliance efforts, and more effectively monitor security policies. Headquartered in Acton, Mass., eIQnetworks is located online at and can be reached at 877.564.7787.