Although roles-based access control (RBAC) has been the subject of much interestin the past, companies are still dealing with the complexity of managing rolesat the technical infrastructure level (applications & provisioning). Forsome organizations, this complexity is an obstacle to deploying effectiveroles-based access governance. In this brief 10 minute webcast, Brian Cleary,Vice President of Products and Marketing will discuss the best practices forcontinuous roles lifecycle management including:

  • The new hybrid role design methodology
  • Why roles require continuous lifecycle management
  • Leveraging metrics in role maintenance to avoid proliferation
  • How effective role management reduces compliance & business risk
  • How roles streamline compliance, speed up access delivery and simplify change management

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Featured speaker:
Brian Cleary, Vice President, Products and Marketing,Aveksa

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Brian Cleary VP BrianCleary is responsible for all of Aveksa’s marketing activities, includingproduct marketing, product management, marketing strategy and marketdevelopment. Brian brings more than 16 years of success in directing technologymarketing initiatives for both emerging technology companies and top-tierenterprise software vendors. Most recently, he served as vice president ofmarketing for OpenPages, a leading provider of enterprise governance, risk andcompliance management solutions. He also served as senior vice president ofmarketing strategy at Computer Associates (CA), a leading enterprise ITmanagement software vendor. Prior to his position at CA he directed thecorporate marketing efforts at Netegrity, a leading enterprise identity andaccess management software vendor that was acquired by CA in 2004. He was also amember of the senior management team at both Allaire Corporation and Macromedia.Cleary has authored numerous articles for IT and business publications, and hasbeen frequent speaker at industry events on the topics of IT governance, riskand compliance management

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