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Ransomware 101

Ransomware has become one of the most – if not the most prevalent, effective and successful forms of cybercrime.

Limor Kessem

IoT App Status: Insecure

In my last post about IoT security, we discussed how lax consumer attitudes about securing devices and wearables could be a contributing factor to their insecurity. In this post, we will examine another angle: securing IoT devices on the application level. This time we’ll go straight to the source and look at what enterprise users…

Balancing Digital Transformation with Security

With 2017 in full swing, it is hard to ignore the impact that digital transformation has on today’s businesses. Across the globe, companies of all sizes are transforming their processes, workflows, and cultures in favor of digital interaction.  Some examples:  Small – Midsize Businesses Selling products and services online Creating mobile-friendly loyalty program and coupon…

Phishing from the Middle: Social Engineering Refined

Phishing attacks have long been associated with malicious emails that spoof well-known institutions in order to trick users into coughing up credentials to banks accounts, email accounts, or accounts for major online services. Phishing emails that exploit the good name of trusted brands familiar to users have also been known to deliver ransomware, backdoors, and…

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