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James has over 26 years of experience in information technology in a variety of leadership roles.  He has 15 years of direct experience as an information security leader and is currently the Chief Information Security Officer at GE Capital Americas and the Information Security Divestiture Leader for GE Capital.  He is a Certified Information Systems…

Is it OK to monitor privileged users?

It’s the billion-dollar question ‘du jour.’ Was Edward Snowden a villain or a hero?  He believed the U.S. government was abusing its powers by excessively monitoring its citizens. Some consider him a voice of freedom. Others think he’s a traitor. And that’s how polarizing this issue is. A few weeks ago, I was at JFK airport minding my own…

Smart Digitization: The New Frontier

Digitization is driving each of us across all industries to make dramatic changes to how we approach customers, products, services, and the always-on, real-time information rich marketplace. This race to take advantage of the abundance of opportunities created by the connected world could lead to overlooking one key element—Security. Before we connect “everything”, take a…

Limor Kessem

‘Tis the Season… for Cybercrime

When it comes to cybercrime, online fraud attacks have their seasonal trends, and can almost be expected to rise and fall every year. There is tax season phishing and fraud, the summertime’s drop in activity, and most of all – holiday season ecommerce and malware attacks.

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