Editorial Honeypot

Editorial Honeypot

Eagles defeat Patriots and Falcons in Stupid Bowl II

The great thing about having a blog is I can write totally nonsensical things like “Eagles defeat Patriots and Falcons in Stupid Bowl II.” Yes, Stupid Bowl II. For all those who missed the very first Stupid Bowl check here. Stupid Bowl Eye Eye focuses on which team’s fans were found using their favorite NFL…

Teri Robinson

Time for a data detox

Once upon a time, getting stuck on the subway stairs behind someone who is furiously tapping on their phone, pace slowed to a crawl, holding up a whole line of commuters, brought me closest I’ll ever come to homicidal rage.

One byte by land, two if by sea

Army National Guard troops historically have a wide range of duties ranging from helping communities recover from natural disasters to combat operations overseas, but for the first time one Guard unit is helping secure election sites from cyberattacks.

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