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Cybersecurity: It’s a budgetary priority, right?

Cybercrime is at an all-time high. However, it seems investment of money, time and people to establish and manage necessary cybersecurity planning, implementation of related processes and policies, and the adoption and oversight of needed security technologies services isn’t. Looking back, 2017 ended with over 5,000 breaches and more than 7.9 billion records exposed, says…


Feminism is for everyone

Recently, an accomplished and self-proclaimed “bossy woman” in security posted on her Facebook page a news item from media outlet that immediately seized my attention. Its headline read, “‘You Are In Fact Unequal’ Engineering Student’s Letter to Woman Goes Viral.” I wondered if this piece was going to get me riled or was just…


The Russian bear in the room

I love our big ole’ bear who hails from Russia that illustrates our lead feature online and in our more traditional hard copy edition this month. He’s cheeky, haughty, seemingly quite savvy and definitely bold. These traits are trying to be conveyed with purpose, as he’s supposed to visually represent just one of the ways…


From Mega Breaches to Ransomware, We’re All In

An estimated 143 million U.S. consumers could be impacted by the most recent mega breach, this time, hitting Equifax. By undertaking this breach, which happened between mid-May and July 2017, cybercriminals gained access to Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and driver’s license numbers among other information. As we went to press with this edition,…


Tired issues, yet opportunity

A recent opinion piece by a leading cybersecurity female executive explained that she had begun taking actions during various business interactions to subtly confront the seeming ubiquitous occurrence of gender bias in the IT world. For instance, she had begun heading off assumptions made by vendor sales reps – who otherwise would talk to her…


What does a cyber future hold?

With the U.S. recently having launched missile attacks on Syria after its President Bashar al-Assad initiated a chemical attack against Syrian civilians a few days prior, some political officials now question whether U.S. President Donald Trump and his administration has the know-how and fortitude to deal with a possible escalation in the conflict. Whatever the…

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