The Data Breach Blog

The Data Breach Blog

Henry Ford Health System data breach compromised data of nearly 20,000 patients

How many victims? 18,470 patients What type of information?  Patient names birthdates, medical record numbers, provider names, dates of service, department names, locations, medical conditions and health insurers were compromised in the incident. What happened? On Oct. 3, 2017, officials learned someone gained access to or stole the email credentials of a group of employees. These credentials…

106,000 Mid-Michigan Physicians clinic patient records exposed

About 106,000 patients of the Mid-Michigan Physicians clinic may have had their patient records exposed when a third-party server was breached. How many victims? 106,000 What type of information?  The medical records that were possibly exposed could contain the person’s name, birth date, address, phone number, medical record number, diagnosis and Social Security number. What…

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