This year, as both corporations and governments fell prey to online adversaries, there was escalating concern over cyberattacks. As mobile devices are further integrated into networks, organizations will have a critical need to implement end-to-end security solutions that offer comprehensive security at the device, server and network level in order to provide a multi-layered security solution that will better protect their corporate assets. 

With so much sensitive information – including patient records, customer credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, databases and financial records – at stake, a patchwork solution will never be sufficient for protecting a mobile computing environment. Too many organizations learned that lesson the hard way in 2013, and in 2014, the trend will be toward more robust security features and controls that allow organizations to leverage their investments in mobility solutions to drive new ways of transacting with their customers.

To help avoid and thwart cyberattacks, organizations should employ a solution that can proactively identify malicious applications as well as recognize those that are designed to erode the privacy of user data on the device, and then deny access to the network. Strong encryption of data between endpoints in a communication chain will help ensure that data in motion and on devices remains secure. And in the case of a lost or stolen device, organizations will need the ability to manage or wipe devices remotely.

The cost of a cyberattack can far outweigh the expense of transitioning to a best-in-class solution with comprehensive management and security for devices. With the ability to control the devices, apps and content – and manage them from a single unified console – your IT team can save significant time and resources during the training and transitioning phase.  

Take time to develop and implement a formal enterprise mobility management strategy for your organization in 2014 – it’ll help detect where the vulnerabilities are and leave you better prepared to protect your network from an attack.