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Save the Children loses $1 million to BEC scam


Save the Children was hit last year with a business email compromise scam that cost the charity $1 million. The cyberattacker gained access to an employee’s email account and then posing as an employee created fake invoices and supporting material to convince the organization to send almost $1 million to a fake charity in Japan,…

Report: ‘Trump’ most common spam term during run-up to elections


The president himself may not be up for election in 2018, yet “Trump” is the most common term used in election-themed spam campaigns, according to a new report from Proofpoint.  Starting Sept. 27, Proofpoint researchers searched its spam filters for subject lines and email bodies containing various political terms, candidates and power players. In a…

BEC attack scams Texas school district out of $600,000


The Henderson, Texas school district was hit with a business email compromise (BEC) attack resulting in a $600,000 loss for the district. Only a few details on the attack have been issued by district officials. What has been made public is that on September 26 the district issued an electronic payment of $609,615.24 to RPR…

BEC fraud burgeoning despite training

Business email compromises (BEC) — commonly referred to as CEO Fraud because the CEO’s identity is being impersonated — continues to grow and, more significantly, succeed due to the simplicity and urgency of the attacks, according to recent study from Barracuda of some 3,000 attacks. The study, published today, notes that of the 3,000 attacks…

Almost all business report being hit with an email-borne attack, survey


The almost total pervasiveness of phishing scams and other email-based attacks can be seen in a recent survey that found almost 90 percent of the cybersecurity executives saying their company was hit with an attempted or successful email-based cyberattack in the last year. The Barracuda survey found employers are experiencing more email attacks with 81…

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