Holiday cyber scams abound warns FBI

At the busiest online shopping time of the year, cybercriminals are becoming increasingly aggressive and creative in their ways to fool consumers out of their money as they busily, and perhaps a bit naively, go about buying holiday gifts online. The array of current scams include fraudulent auction sales, reshipping merchandise purchased with a stolen…

$30 RAT, WinSpy, involved in two phishing campaigns

Dozens of companies impersonated in evolving ‘Three Questions Quiz’ scam

There’s no question about it: the “Three Questions Quiz” is a scam, regardless of which legitimate brand it’s attempting to imitate. Indeed, a new blog post from Akamai Technologies identifies 78 unique brands impersonated over the past year by this well-established online phishing scheme, in which victims are tricked into giving away personal information to…

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Amazon website glitch exposes customer data

Amazon customer service reportedly sent an unknown number of customers an email today, warning that a technical error on its website had exposed their data. Details on incident are scant, as Amazon’s disclosure was rather vague in details, according to several outlets that covered the development. “Hello, We’re contacting you to let you know that…

The many faces of Magecart: Report profiles groups behind card-skimming threat

Magecart, the e-commerce payment card-skimming threat that has recently victimized Ticketmaster, British Airways, Newegg and other notable companies, is primarily comprised of six major active cybercriminal groups, according to a new joint research report. All of these groups use a version the same skimmer toolset, but they rely on different strategies and in some cases have…

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Report: Amazon employees under investigation for allegedly sharing internal data with merchants

Online mega-retailer Amazon reportedly has launched an investigation into employees who may have accepted bribes from independent merchants in exchange for sharing private corporate data. Citing sellers and brokers with knowledge of the practice, as well as people familiar with Amazon’s investigations, the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that data being shared in violation of…

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