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Acuity Risk Management STREAM Integrated Risk Manager 5.4

Verdict: The software solution is a highly configurable, scalable and framework agnostic offering real-time updates and actionable data for a complete picture of all the information required to understand cyberrisk status.

AlgoSec Security Management Suite 2018.2 8.2

Verdict: The suite helps manage complex network security policies throughout the entire policy lifecycle from an application standpoint with zero-touch automation and orchestration capabilities.

Allgress Insight Risk Management Suite (IRMS) 7

Verdict: Integrated risk management with a modular architecture means that organizations of all sizes can leverage this product.

Balbix BreachControl SaaS 19.6x

Verdict: Balbix BreachControl is a cloud-hosted solution that leverages AI technology to help organizations predictively assess data breach risks.

FireMon Security Manager 8.26

Verdict: With added functionality in mapping and discovery, analysts can leverage comprehensive rule analysis and automated workflows to take proactive action against risk.

SAI Global SAI360 for Digital Risk 2019.2

Verdict: This is a flexible, scalable and affordable integrated suite of proven risk and compliance tools that assists with the management and assessment of risk and compliance obligations across an enterprise and beyond.

Skybox Security Platform 10.0.200

Verdict: The platform gives complete visibility into risk by modeling the entire attack surface for insight into reducing risk and maintaining security posture through both automation and orchestration.

Tripwire Enterprise 8.7

Verdict: Overall, Tripwire Enterprise helps an organization know what is happening in its environment to proactively guard against breaches through discovery, inventory and recorded change/log data of all critical assets.

Tufin Technologies Tufin Orchestration Suite 19-2

Verdict: This product optimizes business agility and security with zero-touch automation that enables organizations to implement security changes in minutes, reducing the complexity of fragmented and hybrid network management and ensuring continuous compliance.

Anomali Threat Platform

Verdict: Anomali Threat Platform is an integrated suite designed to enable organizations to identify serious threats, investigate adversaries, and respond efficiently and effectively.

DomainTools Iris Investigation Platform 3.0

Verdict: DomainTools Iris Investigation Platform combines enterprise-grade domain intelligence and risk scoring with passive DNS.

EclecticIQ Platform 2.4

Verdict: EclecticIQ Platform ingests both structured and unstructured threat intelligence data from different sources and pulls them into a single, collaborative, analyst workbench.


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