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Beyond Security beSECURE 20.3

Verdict: Overall, Beyond Security beSECURE is a solid vulnerability management solution with robust automation capabilities and one-click integrations, reducing the manual effort security teams otherwise must put forth and allowing them to focus on remediation instead.

Carson & SAINT SAINT Security Suite 9.7

Verdict: Overall, SAINT Security Suite is a solid tool that has evolved nicely after many years of development. This is a particularly good option for those looking for an advanced environmental scanning tool.

Digital Defense Frontline Vulnerability Manager

Verdict: Overall, Digital Defense Frontline Vulnerability Manager makes it quick and easy to parse through accurate vulnerability data to extract specific information.

Kenna Security Kenna.VM

Verdict: Overall, Kenna Security Kenna.VM offers undisputed, evidence-based, real-time threat intelligence and risk scoring focusing on active exploits.

NopSec Unified VRM 5

Verdict: It focuses on lifecycle management to optimally inventory assets, detect vulnerabilities, prioritize risk, remediate concerns and validate existing security controls and remediation efficacy.

Rapid7 InsightVM 6.6.1

Verdict: Overall, Rapid7 InsightVM is a valuable vulnerability management solution and one of the better options we tested this month. It provides the visibility necessary to detect, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities.

RiskIQ Digital Footprint

Verdict: Overall, RiskIQ Digital Footprint is a unique vulnerability management solution with an unparalleled breadth of data. It bridges internal detection with external intelligence to provide total visibility into franchise security posture.

RiskSense RBVM 8.15

Verdict: Overall, RiskSense RBVM is a noteworthy vulnerability management solution that empowers businesses with full visibility of threats and risk.

Quickview and Tenable Lumin

Verdict: Overall, and Tenable Lumin is a solid vulnerability management tool that provides unified visibility into assets and quantifies cyber risk to optimize vulnerability management.

Tripwire IP360 9.1.1

Verdict: Tripwire IP360 is a solid vulnerability management solution with a scalable enterprise architecture. It uniquely considers vulnerability age, risk and availability to pinpoint an environment’s greatest risks.

ZeroNorth The ZeroNorth Platform

Verdict: Overall, the ZeroNorth Platform offers a significant return on investment by optimizing other security tool investments, expanding the scanning portfolio, and maximizing time-to-value. Businesses large and small, particularly those interested in PCI compliance, will appreciate ZeroNorth’s scalability, as well as its actionable, prioritized integration with DevOps environments.

AT&T Cybersecurity USM Anywhere

Verdict: This SIEM is focused on threat detection and response and has several highly useful features that reduce the burden on security teams and eliminate the need for additional security tools.


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