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Abnormal Security – Abnormal Cloud Email Security Platform

Verdict: Leverages API-based integrations to combine relationship and content analysis to stop targeted attacks and reduce the number of false positives.

Avanan 2.5.9

Verdict: Every second counts in email security and Avanan covers the complete end-to-end security model with this easily digestible, prevention-focused package installable within minutes.

Barracuda Total Email Protection

Verdict: This is a comprehensive and competitively priced email security solution with many features and effective protection.

BitDam ATP for Email

Verdict: This is a highly elastic product with anomalous detection that stops all unfamiliar attacks without needing access to historical data or intelligence/reputation feeds.

IronThrone 26.00.00

Verdict: IronThrone really impressed us with its machine learning and AI-driven automation capabilities. It helps end-users learn to detect malicious emails and alerts security teams so they can respond as quickly as possible.

Mimecast Secure Email Gateway

Verdict: This is a highly adaptable solution that uses multilayered inspection to defend against commodity and customized attacks and block many known messages in transmission.

SonicWall Email Security Solutions

Verdict: We believe this product is a great choice for current SonicWall subscribers.

Sophos Email Advanced

Verdict: This solution guards against unwanted and malicious email threats and is especially a good choice for those using other Sophos products.

Vade Secure for Office 365 2.18

Verdict: Vade Secure is a customizable and effective email security product, particularly for Managed Service Providers, that blocks threats by leveraging effective AI and machine learning models.

Virtru Email Protection

Verdict: While limited in its offerings when compared with other options, Virtru is a straightforward and versatile product focused on zero-trust to encrypt messages and attachments at the object-level.

BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Management Q-Series

Verdict: BlackBerry UEM prioritizes security and monitors mobile devices to reduce risk and meet compliance requirements without hindering productivity.

Hexnode 8.2

Verdict: Hexnode makes enterprisewide endpoint management a surmountable task and includes top-of-the-line support free for the first month.


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