Until recently, the critical task of security testing was primarily performed through time-consuming, costly and laboriously manual penetration testing. Organizations understood that, despite its expense and inefficiency, testing was – and still is – extremely important to security posture. The best security tools in a company’s arsenal mean nothing if they are improperly configured or underutilized. And, these days, most compliance standards mandate regular security testing, impractical for most organizations given the expense and time each test takes. Still, doing nothing is no longer really an option either

Enter, Breach and Attack Simulation Technologies, which, through safe and continuous, cost-effective, automated simulations, answer the questions that manual penetration testing previously addressed. These tools can test across multiple attack vectors to provide a comprehensive view of where breaches could occur in an environment and the critical assets potentially affected. Because testing is conducted safely and continuously, doing hundreds of tests daily is both cost-effective and far more efficient than a one-time penetration test.

The solutions are easy to deploy and manage, requiring minimal setup and offering central management capabilities. Ease of use makes them suitable for organizations of all sizes, including those that have smaller security teams. With many out-of-the-box options available for the simulation of Red Team practices, several solutions also offer customizable capabilities for simulations that are specific to an organization so it can test exactly what it wants.

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