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FireMon Security Manager

Tested by: Matthew Hreben & Katelyn Dunn Security is vast and complex. FireMon strives to give users a different and simplified way of reviewing and managing their security policies. The FireMon Security Manager is set up to allow users to query millions of rules in a matter of seconds, by reaching out to all devices…

Allgress Insight Risk Manager

Tested by: Matthew Hreben & Katelyn Dunn Allgress provides automated and integrated IT security, compliance and risk management Solutions to organizations and their business partners to meet business risk objectives, without necessitating an army of consultants. The Insight Risk Manager platform is modular and includes third party vendor management, audit, security and compliance assessment, vulnerability…

Peter Stephenson, technology editor, SC Media

Malware Analysis Tools

This month we are addressing an emerging area of security tools, at least in the corporate arena. Reverse engineering and analysis of malware is well-known in some areas of security practice.

Peter Stephenson, technology editor, SC Magazine

More ways to manage access to data

We have been discussing products that help manage access to data over some of our past Group Tests and this month we’re back at it. This time we are looking at preventing data from leaving our environments without knowledge or permission and allowing access to superuser passwords by multiple users.

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