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Collection 1 breach prompts calls for security updates, investment


While the Collection 1 data dump – a whopping 773 million unique emails  – dazzled with its size, it also underscored the need to shift away from reliance on passwords and renewed calls for investments in more up-to-date and reliable security.  “The sheer size and almost certain impacts of “Collection 1” are historic, but unfortunately…

Voipo database exposed millions of call logs and personal data


Communications provider Voipo left a customer database exposed revealing tens of gigabytes worth of customer data including personally identifiable information. Independent researcher Justin Paine discovered the improperly secured ElasticSearch database belonging to the voice-over-internet provider firm which containing nearly seven million call logs, six million SMS/MMS message logs, and plaintext internal system credentials including unencrypted…

Oklahoma Dept. of Securities server exposes millions of files


An unsecured storage server belonging to the Oklahoma Department of Securities exposed millions of files, containing personal data, systems credentials and internal commission documents as well as communications meant for the Oklahoma Securities Commission. The server, discovered by the UpGuard Data Breach Research team, has since been secured, the researchers said in a blog post.…

Click2Gov breach threatens credit card data of Hanover County residents


A data breach of an third-party online payment system has compromised the personal information of Hanover County, Virginia, residents. In an official online notification, county officials have disclosed that an unauthorized party stole credit card information processed by the Click2Gov payment portal between Aug. 1, 2018 and Jan. 9, 2019. Exposed information includes customer names,…

Amazon’s Ring allegedly let employees access customer video feeds


Amazon’s Ring devices reportedly granted the company’s Ukraine-based research and development team as well as U.S. executives and engineers virtually unfettered round the clock access to live feeds from some customer’s cameras, claims which Ring denies. The workers, regardless of whether they needed the information or not, allegedly had access to a folder on Amazon’s…

Kitchenware companies breached in dual attacks


A pair of recent cyberattacks against kitchen product companies may bring forth visions of microwave ovens being set to expel X-rays or Wi-Fi enabled refrigerators being hacked and set to 100 degrees, but instead, in each case, the result was a data breach. OXO International, a maker of kitchen utensils, and, which sells a variety of…

DePaul University group email exposes employees’ info


A group email recently sent by DePaul University reportedly exposed the names and email addresses of 656 employees who had completed the school’s wellness program. According to Crain’s Chicago Business, the Chicago-based private university sent congratulatory emails to faculty members last Dec. 14, but neglected to use the “blind copy” feature. Consequently, recipients’ names and…

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