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What is security? Interview with Bruce Schneier

Bruce Schneier, chief security technology officer of BT, discusses his forthcoming book, which examines “the why of security.” In particular, by drawing on economic and behavioral theory and more, Schneier seeks to learn: Why does security exist and how can more closely examining this question result in better solutions? Schneier, who recently blogged about the book idea, spoke with SC Magazine Executive Editor Dan Kaplan at the RSA Conference in San Francisco.

Has cyberwar happened? Interview with Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer of F-Secure

Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer of F-Secure, distinguishes among cyberwar and everything else, explains why the anti-virus industry failed when it came to detecting and preventing Stuxnet, discusses why critical infrastructure is at major risk to attack and reveals how he tracked down the authors of the first PC virus, which turns 25 years old this year. SC Magazine Executive Editor Dan Kaplan spoke with Hypponen following a media luncheon at the RSA Conference in San Francisco.

SC Congress Canada: The risk of mobile applications

Joe Lobianco, senior director of information security and risk management at CIBC, a major bank in Canada, breaks down the mobile application threat. He discusses security from the perspective of CIBC, which recently rolled out its mobile banking application, and delves into whether the mobile computing space will prompt the same risks as the traditional desktop environment.

SC Congress Canada: Smart grid and privacy

Ann Cavoukian, privacy commissioner of Ontario, discusses how privacy risks must be considered as smart meters are deployed to homes throughout North America. Many utilities, she says, are overlooking the privacy dangers, such as third-parties gaining access to homeowners’ electrical usage patterns, but that mindset must change.

Developments to the PCI standard: Interview with Jeremy King, European head of the PCI Security Standards Council

SC Magazine’s Angela Moscaritolo recently traveled to Orlando, Fla. to the PCI Security Standard Council’s annual North American Community Meeting to learn about the latest changes to the payment security standard and what merchants can expect in the form of additional guidance to reduce their compliance scope. During her trip, she sat down with Jeremy King, who heads the PCI Council’s European operations, to discuss the developments.

The threat landscape: Interview with Chester Wisniewski, senior security adviser at Sophos

SC Magazine reporter Angela Moscaritolo sits down with Chester Wisniewski of Sophos to hear about the latest social engineering efforts that attackers are leveraging to work their way into organizations. He also sounds off on what security professionals must do to lock down their networks and how law enforcement is working to stem the tide of cybercrime.

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