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Nowell Group SpyForce-Al, v2.0

We don’t recommend this as your only extrusion prevention tool. Used along with one of the other tools reviewed here, however, it can be a significant arrow in the insider threat protection quiver.

Spyrus Hydra Privacy Card Series II

You don’t need a 100-headed monster to control sensitive data that needs to be transported from the computer. You just need one Hydra PC. In the May issue (beginning on pg. 50), we looked at tools to manage the USB ports on a PC. Among those tools are some encrypted USB thumb drives. These are great tools as far as they go, but for real industrial strength protection look into the just released Hydra Privacy Card II from Spyrus.

Cyber-Ark Network Vault

The Cyber-Ark Network Vault is a consistent enterprise solution that has been designed to provide a secure, central repository for the storage and management of sensitive shared documents, as well as administrative or privileged passwords using defense-in-depth.

ThumbDrive Swipe

Protected USB storage is a very good idea for keeping mobile data safe. Several USB storage devices are now available with fingerprint scanners to secure data. Trek’s ThumbDrive Swipe is another, but with a couple of interesting twists.

Crypto Anywhere

Encrypting email is a must for the paranoid among us, and Crypto Anywhere provides the tools necessary to encrypt and decrypt email messages. Among its new features are Outlook integration and the ability to create an executable that can run off a floppy or flash disk, thereby circumventing the need to install software on a terminal when using Crypto Anywhere in an internet café.

Flagstone Encrypted Hard Disk

Securing data when it leaves an organisation is always a problem. Despite user education, a laptop can all too easily be left in a cab and, if not properly secure, information is left in the clear for all to see. Even when software encryption is used, there is still a chance that it can be decrypted.

Credant Mobile Guardian

There is an increasing reliance on portable devices, (PDAs, laptops, wireless devices), which might be used within the campus or from a broader external roving perspective – often utilizing untrusted networks.

5.00GB 1.8-inch HDD

The ability to carry large amounts of data in your pocket could mean the end of the obligatory laptop haul. But as much as it can transform a daily commute without the worry of laptop theft, it can compound other problems.


SecureDoc is a disk encryption product that codes the entire hard disk, including operating system files and boot sector. Therefore it provides authentication of the user before the computer even boots up. It can also be used to encrypt all types of removable drives and media, including Flash cards. Although it can be installed in a password-only single-user environment, it provides an upgrade path to full enterprise-wide PKI and two- and three-factor authentication, integrating with third-party tokens.

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