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Dena Haritos Tsamitis Dir., Information Networking Institute at Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Engineering

After 13 years as director of the Information Networking Institute (INI) at Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Engineering, Dena Haritos Tsamitis in 2017 was named the school’s first-ever recipient of the Barbara Lazarus Professorship in Information Networking. But her true mark of success is reflected in the young minds she has steered toward a fulfilling…

Jennifer Sunshine Steffens, CEO, IOActive

Robotic robbers, sabotaged Segway scooters, malicious medical equipment… You name the device, and IOActive has found a way for hackers to turn it against you. IOActive CEO Jennifer Sunshine Steffens is now in her tenth year at the helm of the security company, known for its pioneering vulnerability research. Over the last decade, the company…

Diversity and AI

I recently underwent spinal fusion surgery and I can’t help but be disappointed that AI-powered nanobots are not yet a thing when it comes to some medical treatments. I remember fondly in my youth promises that machines and AI-powered technologies would change the world in my lifetime. After all, having expertly trained microscopic bio-bots rebuilding…

Jo Stewart-Rattray Dir. of information security and IT assurance, BRM Holdich

Jo Stewart-Rattray’s day job as director of information security and IT Assurance for the Australian firm BRM Holdich would be enough to keep most people fully occupied, but Stewart-Rattray has shown no problem also tackling several additional positions in the cybersecurity world. Just a few of these “extra” duties include being board director of ISACA,…

Start with diversity and inclusion

As cybersecurity risks continue to increase and become a C-level key concern, the whole sector is undergoing a boom. Gartner recently forecasted that worldwide enterprise security spend would reach $96.3 billion in 2018, an increase of 8 percent from 2017.  This has resulted in a proliferation of cybersecurity startups. According to CB Insights, cybersecurity startups…

Maureen Ohlhausen, Former acting chairwoman, Commissioner, FTC

For a brief moment in the spring, Maureen Ohlhausen stood as the sole remaining commissioner – and acting chairwoman, to boot – at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), known for its aggressive pursuit of organizations for violating privacy and not security data. Ohlhausen, who has spent the better part of two decades at the commission,…

Will privacy be a stumbling block for blockchain?

Best known as the infrastructure underlying the wildly popular Bitcoin cryptocurrency, blockchain technology has really come into its own in the past year or so—being viewed, trialed and utilized as a means of better executing and sharing corporate documents, managing identity and authentication, even running an emerging social media network.

GDPR: It’s (just about) here

Like many college students who cram the night before a test – and some writers who test the limits of their editors’ patience with their procrastination – many companies have pushed off GDPR compliance, believing either it doesn’t apply to them, it’s too costly or overwhelming or they can afford to wait and see just how serious regulators are about admonishing and fining companies who falter on privacy.

Big mistake.

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