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IT pros dubious of government officials’ cyber knowledge


A newly released survey of 515 IT security professionals is giving government officials a no-confidence vote in terms of their ability to understand digital threats, practice cyber hygiene and legislate encryption policies. Conducted during last August’s 2018 Black Hat cybersecurity conference by researchers at Venafi, the survey found that 63 percent of respondents believe government…

U.S. declines to sign cybersecurity pact


The U.S. Monday joined Russia, North Korea and China in declining to sign a cybersecurity pact supported by 50 countries and aimed at fighting both cyberwarfare and cybercrime. The Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace agreement, part of the Paris Peace Forum, seeks to create a cyber Geneva Conventions of sorts, laying out…

Trump may oust Nielsen at DHS


President Trump may soon give the boot to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, lauded on her nomination for her cybersecurity experience. Nielsen, who has been long-rumored to be unhappy in her role, has faced criticism from the president over a number of issues, including enforcement of the administration’s immigration policy and Trump…

Federal judge orders review of Georgia’s provisional ballots


Noting that it was likely that the administration of former Georgia Secretary of State and self-proclaimed governor-elect Brian Kemp likely failed to “properly maintain a reliable and secure voter registration system,” a federal judge said the state must review provisional ballots cast in a contentious Nov. 6 election. In ruling on a case brought by…

Plans include an open standard that would shrink users' dependency on passwords.

Biometrics and AI firm team up for first U.S. biometric database amidst criticism


Biometrics firm SureID and AI-startup firm Robbie.AI are teaming up to launch the first U.S. biometric database. SureID has a nationwide network of fingerprint enrollment kiosks while Robbie.AI uses technology to authenticate using AI-based facial recognition and behavioral prediction that could be combined to create a nationwide biometric databased for consumer focused initiatives, according to…

Intel releases draft national privacy bill


The company calls for the creation of “a comprehensive privacy and data security program” that embraces a set of “fair information practice principles,” including limiting data collection to that which is relevant and necessary; ensuring data is accurate, comprehensive and updated to maintain accuracy; specifying in notices the purposes for which personal data is processed;…

Cyber Command

U.S. Cyber National Mission Force joins VirusTotal


The U.S. Cyber National Mission Force (CNMF) has started uploading malware samples to VirusTotal as part of its on-going efforts to work more closely with the private sector. The Force, which is a sub-command of U.S. Cyber Command, on November 5 began sharing unclassified malware samples it has discovered that will have the greatest impact…

Kemp resigns as Georgia Secretary of State


It looks as though embattled Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, who has been widely criticized for not recusing himself from an election in which he was a candidate for governor, has taken former President Jimmy Carter’s advice and resigned his office just hours before he was to appear in court to answer a lawsuit…

Trump fires Sessions, acting AG Whitaker takes over Mueller Russian probe


Following months of speculation, President Donald Trump canned his embattled Attorney General Jeff Sessions and replaced him in the interim with Sessions’ chief of staff, Matthew Whitaker, immediately raising concerns that the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference and potential collusion with the Trump campaign is in jeopardy. “At your request I am submitting…

Election Day: Securing the vote


Amid the blue and red banners dotting social media, mailers, billboards, flyers and just about everything else, Election Day is finally here. After all the guesswork and polls, Americans don’t know which way the political winds are going to blow or whether security measures taken by many states are going to hold…or whether some sort…

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