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DHS notifies 21 states they were targets of Russian hackers

Oklahoma, Alabama, Colorado, Virginia, Connecticut, Washington, Iowa, Wisconsin, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Ohio, appear to be among the 21 states whose officials were told by The Department of Homeland Security Friday that their election systems had been the targets of hackers representing the Russian government.  The states had pressed for confirmation that their systems had been…

Criminals get hold of 'Russian state malware'

Kaspersky ban raises concerns among cyber pros, consumers; draws Kremlin rebuke

The U.S. government’s decision to ban Kaspersky Lab security software prompted both criticism and praise from the security industry, ignited a flurry of concern from consumers over their own Kaspersky purchases and drew a sharp rebuke from the Kremlin. The directive weighed on an already strained relationship with Moscow, including allegations that Russia interfered in…

U.S. bans use of Kaspersky Labs software on government systems

Acting on concerns that Russian company Kaspersky Lab has connections to cyberespionage activities, the U.S. government has banned the use of Kaspersky Lab security software, according to a binding order released Wednesday by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Acting Secretary Elaine Duke. The order gives federal agencies three months to inventory and remove the software.…

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