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Anyware and Everyware

You might remember the scene in Moneyball in which A’s GM Billy Beane confronted a group of old-fashioned baseball scouts who would stubbornly evaluate players based solely on the “eye test,” rather than actually number-crunching their statistical data. Nowadays, ball clubs regularly leverage sabermetric data and use their own in-house systems to predict prospects’ success,…

Preventing Skynet: Securing robotic and IoT devices


Unsecure Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the increasing use of automation are leading to vulnerable robotic device, robots if you will, that if compromised by a hacker could inflict physical harm to human not to mention opening the device possibly compromising all types of personal information. While Terminators, droids and fantasy western resort hosts…

Stingray use still shrouded in secrecy and lack regulation despite progress


Though they operate behind the scenes, Stingrays have been in the spotlight for quite some time as their use and capabilities expand and concern that they may trample privacy conventions becomes widespread. Despite growing unease among lawmakers and privacy advocates, though, lawmakers have yet to pass federal legislation to regulate use of the device on…

Cybersecurity made simple


In a world of ever-increasingly complex technologies, some experts advocate a move to simplify. Greg Masters reports. No one said it was going to be easy, but the task of locking down enterprise networks seems to be getting more and more complex as attackers devise ever more sophisticated ways of penetrating defenses. A firewall once…

Building a better bug bounty

When Microsoft temporarily doubled its maximum bug bounty prize to $30,000 earlier this month, it was hard to not to notice the timing. After all, the software giant had just been burned twice by Google Project Zero researchers who publicly disclosed Windows vulnerabilities before they could be patched. This was not the first time Google…

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