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When ransomware strikes, should a company pay up?


That is the question organizations must quickly decide when they are hit with a ransomware attack, reports Doug Olenick. The 2 a.m. phone call dreaded by every chief technology officer, school district IT manager or small government official: “It seems our entire network is inaccessible and someone calling himself TheDarkOverlord is demanding 28 of something…

Hand in hand: Privacy and transparency


If privacy and transparency were a couple, they’d likely change their Facebook relationship status to “it’s complicated” and then publicly play out what can only be described as a rollercoaster of harmony and discord as they ride through life together.  The cybersecurity equivalent of Dr. Phil might occasionally call them co-dependent and dysfunctional because their…

Always connected comes with risks

As Hillary Clinton learned all too well, you can’t be too careful protecting sensitive material, and co-mingling work and personal email on various devices is never a good idea.  WikiLeaks and the outcome of the 2016 presidential election notwithstanding, it behooves all organizations to better examine just how vulnerable their networks are when non-company-issued mobile…

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