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A weakness in Apple’s DEP authentication leaves users open to attack


Researchers have noted a lack of authentication in the  Apple Device Enrollment Program that could allow a malicious actor to steal Wi-Fi passwords and VPN configurations. The vulnerability was dug out by Duo Labs who found Apple’s device enrollment program (DEP) has an authentication weakness that can be exploited when organizations use Apple’s mobile device…

Senate building

Wyden warns foreign gov’t cyberattacks aimed at personal accounts of senators, aides


The personal email accounts of senators and their aides are in the crosshairs of nation-state hackers, Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., warned Senate leaders in a letter that took the body’s security office to task for failing to safeguard them. Noting that “at least one major technology company” had notified some senators and their aides that…

White House says new Chinese IT equipment rule may disrupt business without helping security

White House further restricts mobile devices in West Wing


The proclivity of former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman to record conversations with colleagues, including the president and her firing in the Situation Room by Chief of Staff John Kelly, has prompted the administration to further restrict staffers use of mobile devices in the West Wing. An earlier policy enacted 19 months ago called…


PBot adware family growing longer


The Python code-based PBot (PythonBot) adware family, much like its reptilian cousins, has continued to grow from when it was first spotted last year adding several new features, including a cryptocurrency miner.

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