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Kaspersky Labs

European Commission: No evidence Kaspersky software is malicious


The European Commission yesterday acknowledged in a public document that it possesses no evidence to support the notion that software from Russia-based Kaspersky Lab software is malicious. The admission comes about 10 months after the European Parliament passed a resolution calling for the European Union to ban dangerous software, naming Kaspersky products as specific example.…

Instagram main

You’re on ‘The Nasty List’ scam looks to steal Instagram credentials


A phishing scam is circulating Instagram claiming that users have made “The Nasty List” with the goal of stealing account credentials. The scam is spread via messages sent through hacked accounts claiming the recipients were spotted on the so called NastyList stating something like “OMG your actually on here, @TheNastyList_34, your number is 15! its…

Report: Ecuadorian websites besieged by cyberattacks following Julian Assange’s arrest


Since Julian Assange’s arrest and removal from London’s Ecuadorian embassy last week, the websites of Ecuador’s public institutions have been subjected to roughly 40 million cyberattacks, Agence France-Presse reported yesterday. The attacks have primarily originated from the U.S., Brazil, Ecuador itself, and European nations including the Netherlands, Germany, Romania, France, Austria and the UK, said…


Five-year cyber espionage campaign targeting Ukraine potentially linked to Luhansk People’s Republic


Researchers believe hackers from the breakaway Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) may be behind a spear phishing-based malware campaign that’s been actively targeting the Ukrainian government. The researchers, from FireEye, disclosed their assessment following their investigation into a malware-laced email that they were able to tie back to a 2018 phishing campaign designed to to deliver…

Lessons Learned: What Uber’s Approach to Decentralization Can Teach the Cybersecurity Industry

Notorious Uber founder Travis Kalanick’s idea for a decentralized transportation system in which any person with a valid license, no criminal history and proof of insurance could generate income as an on-demand driver has disrupted the transportation industry in ways few could have ever imagined. While the reality of Kalanick’s vision has in fact devastated…

Adblock Plus Exploit allows threat actors to read Gmail and other Google services


Independent security researcher Armin Sebastian discovered a vulnerability in Adblock Plus which can allow hackers to read a victim’s Gmail and look into other Google services. Adblock Plus is the world’s most popular free advertisement blocker with millions of users and extensions that run in all the major web browsers including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera…

Wipro clients hit after firm falls for phishing attack


The Indian information technology consultancy firm Wipro has confirmed to the Economic Times that it is investigating a phishing attack that may have allowed its systems to be used to attack many of its clients. Wipro believes it was targeted, possibly by a nation-state attacker, who then used the company’s own systems to deliver follow…

Apache Tomcat vulnerability results in remote code exectuion


Security researchers identified a remote code execution on windows vulnerability in Apache Tomcat. The vulnerability is rated “Important” and was identified by an external security researcher and reported to the Apache Tomcat security team via the bug bounty program, according to an April 10 blog post. The vulnerability leaves the CGI Servlet at risk due…

Researchers disclose six privilege escalation bugs in Shimo VPN client


The Shimo VPN client for Mac systems contains six privilege escalation vulnerabilities that have yet to be patched by its developers, researchers from Cisco’s Talos division reported yesterday. Shimo is a product that allows users to connect multiple VPN accounts to a single application. Discovered by Cisco Labs researcher Tyler Bohan, all six flaws were…

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