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Stonesoft produced its own firewall a few years ago and has shown that it really understands the high end of the market.

SonicWALL PRO 330

SonicWALL is another well-known name in the firewall arena, offering a range of products suitable for anything from the home user to the high-end of the market.

MXtreme Mail Firewall

Old hand BorderWare has decided to focus on one particular area of network security – email. Whereas most companies are happy enough to bundle email in with the rest of its internet traffic and allow the firewall to handle all of it, BorderWare’s MXtreme MX-200 appliance specifically focuses on the problems of email traffic.

Clavister Firewall

Clavister is a fairly new name in the security market, but its high-end firewall appliances are impressive enough to ensure that will not be the case for long.

ZyWall 100

At the small or home office end of the market we have the ZyWall 100 Internet Security Gateway. When we looked at the ZyWall 50 appliance in the VPN Group Test last year, we had a few concerns, such as build quality. This issue has clearly been addressed, since the ZyWall 100 is a robust yet compact device with a simple and attractive design.

SonicWALL Tele3 TZX

This hardware solution is suitable for both the hardened teleworker or a small office environment. It brings with it not only a stateful inspection firewall, but also the protection of a VPN. For the user logging into an enterprise, MD5 authentication comes into play. This ensures encrypted communications and also foils any attempt to steal the SonicWALL password.

ServGate EdgeForce

The EdgeForce firewall with Performance Module 1 enabled incorporates a flexible demilitarised zone (DMZ) via a third port. This gives the ability to host public servers (email, FTP and web) from behind the firewall, and with this feature, non-authenticated access to servers behind the firewall can be granted, yet the private network itself is still completely shielded from the internet.

Astaro Security Linux

We looked at version 3.0 of this product in the virtual private network Group Test last year, and it is good to see it being evaluated as a firewall this time around. Astaro might not be a familiar name to most people, but it deserves to be if it continues to produce products such as this.

Symantec Enterprise Firewall/VPN

Symantec is a very old name in the security business, but it is not going to rest on its laurels. Its software-based Enterprise Firewall with VPN has had yet another upgrade since the last time we looked at it, and it offers quite a few new features to what was already a very powerful application. The application is also available pre-loaded on one of Symantec’s distinctive bright yellow appliances if you prefer.

Firebox SOHO 6tc

Putting a firewall in the home office should be a natural thing to do. After all, you are not only protecting your user but also the data that they will be working on, and probably holding, on their machine. This security is just as important as the security in the main office, as liability on data and business-critical information could otherwise be breached with ease. This is where a small but powerful appliance from a developer with experience in both the enterprise and SOHO markets is going to come in very handy.

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