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Times Get Tough

How often have you played the ‘scruples game’ amongst your friends, to question how much they would they rob a bank for – £5 million, £10 million, £25 million?

Identity Management Case Example

A large food and general merchandise wholesaler in the United States had a strategic vision based on strengthening its relationships with the market’s largest retailers, and increasing its vertical penetration through the acquisition of niche channel wholesalers.

Data-Secure Hard Drives?

All of a company’s technical assets will hold some amount of proprietary data, and it is a legal requirement that companies dispose of that data permanently before the asset is sold on from the company.

Web-Based Games: Playing to Lose

One common way of attracting visitors to a web site is to make it look attractive by incorporating animated graphics and interactive features written in Java, Flash and other common browser plug-in programs.

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