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RSA SureFile

RSA SureFile combines RSA’s encryption technology alongside PKWARE’s PKZIP to create an encryption product that also compresses files and folders to save space and bandwidth. Because encrypted files are generally fairly random looking, they are incompressible by hardware that may be part of a bandwidth-saving infrastructure. So, it is better to compress files before encryption, or optimize both processes within one product as RSA Security has done.

Encryption Plus Hard Disk

Encryption Plus Hard Disk encrypts entire hard disks or selected partitions. Encryption of the OS files is optional. It also offers pre-boot authentication whether or not the operating system files are encrypted.


ABSPlus is probably better know in the backup and recovery market and so it will be little surprise that what we are now looking at is exactly that – and more. It is an ideal storage unit to regularly back up all laptop data. With the software supplied the device becomes the complete backup and restore, disaster recovery solution.

5.00GB 1.8-inch HDD

The ability to carry large amounts of data in your pocket could mean the end of the obligatory laptop haul. But as much as it can transform a daily commute without the worry of laptop theft, it can compound other problems.


SecureDoc is a disk encryption product that codes the entire hard disk, including operating system files and boot sector. Therefore it provides authentication of the user before the computer even boots up. It can also be used to encrypt all types of removable drives and media, including Flash cards. Although it can be installed in a password-only single-user environment, it provides an upgrade path to full enterprise-wide PKI and two- and three-factor authentication, integrating with third-party tokens.

CyberGuard SL3200

As firewalls go, the CyberGuard SL3200 is a monster: a huge, noisy beast with performance that matches its rugged looks. The name denotes its capacity – 3.2 gigabits of total throughput, shared among a maximum of 26 Ethernet ports. Even more notably, it is able to multiplex several interfaces into a small number of very high-capacity pipes, all secured at wire speed.
Designed for high-demand environments, the box has all the HA features you’d expect – hot-swappable fans and power supplies, as well as RAID 5 storage, with an internal layout designed for maximum airflow and heat dissipation. Fail-over between two boxes is available if you have an extended license.

ServGate EdgeForce

The trouble with a better mousetrap is that it soon becomes yesterday’s model: when you build security around a growing enterprise it is well to avoid obsolescence by adapting an EdgeForce appliance with its modular specification and performance.


In today’s world of CD-ROMs and high-capacity DVDs, it is easy to forget that there are other storage media which still have considerable popularity. One frequently overlooked example of this is the humble tape, which is still vital for many businesses. 
Modern tapes have extremely high capacities, and developments in fiber channel mean that recording speeds are incredibly fast. However, there is an inherent security risk – after the tape has been recorded, when the data becomes portable, and therefore at risk. This is increased if you send the tapes off site to a firestore. How can you be certain that the courier isn’t simply going to vanish with your confidential client records?


Stonesoft produced its own firewall a few years ago and has shown that it really understands the high end of the market.

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