Oct. 22, 2007: MP3 spam arrives

SC Magazine reporter Dan Kaplan speaks with Matt Sergeant, senior anti-spam technologist at MessageLabs, about spammers’ latest tactic to inflate the price of stock, then profit from it.

Oct. 15, 2007: The year in phishing

SC Magazine reporter Dan Kaplan talks with David Ulevitch, OpenDNS CEO, about phishing trends that his company’s PhishTank organization has seen during 2007.

Sept. 24, 2007: TD Ameritrade suffers a breach

Online Editor Frank Washkuch talks with Rich Sutton, director of 8e6 Labs at 8e6 Technologies, about the recent data breach at TD Ameritrade, and what IT administrators can do to ensure an insider breach doesn’t take place at their companies.

Sept. 17, 2007: Businesses face a new threat from employee Skype use

Reporter Dan Kaplan talks with Irwin Lazar, principal analyst and program director for collaboration and convergence at Nemertes Research, about the recent Skype worm and whether malware-writers will seek to exploit companies whose employees use the instant messaging/VoIP application.

Aug. 27, 2007: A monster (.com) of a data theft

Monster.com, America’s most popular job recruitment website, was compromised by hackers who stole a reported 1.6 million records to be used in spear phishing campaigns. Joshua Block, Cyberoam’s vice president of North American operations, discusses how the elaborate heist could signal the advent of similar multi-stage attacks whose end result is identity theft and, in Monster’s case, employment opportunities.

Aug. 20, 2007: The legacy of the TJX data breach

The infamous data breach at TJX – the one that affected more than 46 million people – may finally be coming back to haunt the retailer, according to its latest SEC filings. Online Editor Frank Washkuch talks with Mary Monahan, partner at Javelin Strategy and Research, about this and other major data breaches.

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