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Hackers access, steal info from 460K Uniqlo Japan online accounts


Hackers stole data, including partial credit card numbers, on 460,000 Uniqlo Japan online customers in an incident that took place between April 23 and May 10. “We deeply apologize to our customers and pledge to prevent this from happening again,” according to a statement from Fast Retailing Co., the parent of Uniqlo and GU Japan, which…


San Francisco vote could lead to facial recognition ban


With its Board of Supervisors poised to vote today, San Francisco may become the first city in the U.S. to ban police and city agencies from using facial recognition technology. The use of facial recognition technology has become more prevalent in recent years with proponents praising its importance in helping law enforcement solve crime and…

Federal bill to curtail CBP PII reveals, Illinois tackles digital assistant eavesdropping


A bipartisan group of Senators plan to introduce a bill that would stop U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) from selling the PII of citizens who move out of the country. The bill, sponsored by Senators Steve Daines, R-Mont., and Gary Peters, D-Mich., addresses a loophole that allows CBP to sell certain pieces of personal…

Google unveils new controls for automatically deleting data after 3 or 18 months


Google on Wednesday announced an upcoming, privacy-friendly feature that will automatically delete user location history and web and app activity data after a specified period of time. The new controls will be rolled out in the coming weeks, Google revealed in a blog post authored by David Monsees, “Search” product manager, and Marlo McGriff, “Maps”…


World Password Day: Are we in the Last Days?


As authentication methods improve and companies like Microsoft declare the end of the password era is here, some cybersecurity experts argue this may be one of the last Global Password days to be held. Microsoft Security Corporate Vice President Rob Lefferts last year said his company is delivering new support for password-less sign-in to Azure…

Privacy legislation: E pluribus unum


In the last several months, a series of tech company executives have sat before Senate and House panels, peppered with questions, smart ones at that, about how their companies protect data. Imagine that, Congress asking prescient questions about a tech-related subject. The hearings held on Capitol Hill marked a turning point of sorts – lawmakers…

Privacy sheriffs – CPOs saddle up to protect information assets


Much like in the Old West when the town sheriff and a few deputies did their best to keep the local citizens safe from the black-hatted bad guys who inhabited the surrounding empty land, today’s chief privacy officer (CPO) must keep data locked down at companies, organizations or government entities and beyond the reach of…

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