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Vision Direct breach exposes customers’ personal, financial data


Personal and financial data entered by customers who ordered or updated information on the website was compromised and stolen between November 3 to November 8, the London-based company warned in an updated online alert. The data compromised included “full name, billing address, email address, password, telephone number and payment card information, including card number,…

Instagram flaw exposes user passwords


A security flaw in Instagram’s recently released “Download Your Data” tool could have exposed some user passwords, the company reportedly told users. The tool, revealed by Instagram right before the GDPR regulation went into effect, is designed to let users see and download the personal data that the social media platform had collected on them.…

Pennsylvania police warn an app may have been hacked to send fake speeding tickets.

DEA and ICE using surveillance cameras hidden in streetlights


In a move that could stir up visions of an Orwellian-style government surveillance state, recently published government procurement data revealed the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have purchased an undisclosed number of covert surveillance cameras hidden inside streetlights to place around the country. Its unclear where or when either agency…

Justice Dept. has prepared indictment against Assange, court docs reveal


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has long justified his self-imposed asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London – even after receiving citizenship – because he feared the U.S. would arrest him. Now, it seems he’s right, according to an unrelated court filing in Virginia that inadvertently revealed that Justice Department has an indictment ready to go…

Facebook spurns report that it kept Russian activity under wraps


Facebook Thursday rebutted allegations that the company knew early in 2016 about Russian activity on the social media platform and failed to promptly investigate it. “This is not true,” the company said of a report by the New York Times that asserts Facebook knew of the Russian efforts to leverage its platform to exert influence,…

Plans include an open standard that would shrink users' dependency on passwords.

Biometrics and AI firm team up for first U.S. biometric database amidst criticism


Biometrics firm SureID and AI-startup firm Robbie.AI are teaming up to launch the first U.S. biometric database. SureID has a nationwide network of fingerprint enrollment kiosks while Robbie.AI uses technology to authenticate using AI-based facial recognition and behavioral prediction that could be combined to create a nationwide biometric databased for consumer focused initiatives, according to…

Intel releases draft national privacy bill


The company calls for the creation of “a comprehensive privacy and data security program” that embraces a set of “fair information practice principles,” including limiting data collection to that which is relevant and necessary; ensuring data is accurate, comprehensive and updated to maintain accuracy; specifying in notices the purposes for which personal data is processed;…

Leaky MongoDB server exposes personal info on 700K Amex India customers


An unsecured MongoDB server has exposed personal data on 689,272 American Express India customers. The researcher who discovered the server, Bob Diachenko, director of cyber risk research at Hacken, said in a blog post the bulk of the data – more than 2.3 million records – it housed was encrypted, requiring an encryption key but…

Man arrested for hacking to steal and sell celebrity sex tapes and more

Former high school teacher pleads guilty in Celebgate hack


A former high school teacher in Virginia pleaded guilty to accessing a protected computer and aggravated identity theft in the Celebgate hacking scheme. Christopher Brannan, 31, who once taught at Lee-Davis High School, accessed the iCloud, Yahoo!, Facebook and other email and internet accounts of more than 200 celebrities and non-celebrities by answering security questions…

Executives concerned about cloud security, report shows

#ArmorU poll finds 46% of 37K Twitter users have put sensitive data in cloud


Nearly half – 46 percent – of 37,000 Twitter users polled by Armor over a 13-week period said they’ve put sensitive data in the cloud, while 41 percent said they’d do so in the next two years. While the second annual #ArmorU poll showed that users are becoming comfortable with the security of the cloud…

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