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Intel releases draft national privacy bill


The company calls for the creation of “a comprehensive privacy and data security program” that embraces a set of “fair information practice principles,” including limiting data collection to that which is relevant and necessary; ensuring data is accurate, comprehensive and updated to maintain accuracy; specifying in notices the purposes for which personal data is processed;…

Leaky MongoDB server exposes personal info on 700K Amex India customers


An unsecured MongoDB server has exposed personal data on 689,272 American Express India customers. The researcher who discovered the server, Bob Diachenko, director of cyber risk research at Hacken, said in a blog post the bulk of the data – more than 2.3 million records – it housed was encrypted, requiring an encryption key but…

Man arrested for hacking to steal and sell celebrity sex tapes and more

Former high school teacher pleads guilty in Celebgate hack


A former high school teacher in Virginia pleaded guilty to accessing a protected computer and aggravated identity theft in the Celebgate hacking scheme. Christopher Brannan, 31, who once taught at Lee-Davis High School, accessed the iCloud, Yahoo!, Facebook and other email and internet accounts of more than 200 celebrities and non-celebrities by answering security questions…

Executives concerned about cloud security, report shows

#ArmorU poll finds 46% of 37K Twitter users have put sensitive data in cloud


Nearly half – 46 percent – of 37,000 Twitter users polled by Armor over a 13-week period said they’ve put sensitive data in the cloud, while 41 percent said they’d do so in the next two years. While the second annual #ArmorU poll showed that users are becoming comfortable with the security of the cloud…

Russia, China listening in on Trump’s private mobile phone conversations, report


Russia and China are listening in on President Trump’s relativity unsecured private iPhone conversations in an attempt to leverage influence on U.S. policy, the intelligence community reportedly has discovered.   After making Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server a centerpiece of his campaign and despite repeated warnings about using unsecured personal smartphones, Trump…

Malicious Google Chrome extension collected users' data for third parties

Google privacy update makes it easier for users to review and delete Search data


Google is upping its privacy game – among other policy changes this week, putting privacy controls within Search, making it easier for users to delete their search histories. The company’s new Your Data tool will show users what kind of data is collected and what controls Google provides to manage it. Placing the controls in…

Apple's Tim Cook at WWDC 2016

Apple supports national privacy law, Cook says


Apple CEO Tim Cook told attendees at the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners that his company is “in full support of a comprehensive federal privacy law in the United States.”  Cook called the argument made by some tech companies that they could “never achieve technology’s true potential” if they are “constrained by…


Swedes inserting microchips under their skin


Thousands of Swedes are possibly exchanging privacy for convenience by having microchips the size of a grain of rice embedded under their skin so they can do a variety of things – from accessing buildings and riding the rail to obtaining etickets for events. The chips, according to their supporters, are “largely protected from hacking,” NPR…

Twitter suspends bot network pushing pro-Saudi messages after Khashoggi disapearance


As the gruesome details of what might have been the last few minutes of journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s life within the Saudi consulate in Istanbul emerge, Twitter had reportedly shut down a bot network pushing out pro-Saudi government tweets. Twitter discovered the bots Thursday after NBC News gave the social media company a spreadsheet listing hundreds…

Mueller may reveal collusion, obstruction findings in Trump probe after November midterms


Special Counsel Robert Mueller appears poised to reveal whether his probe found collusion between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia and whether Trump committed obstruction of justice for his actions after assuming the presidency in 2017. Mueller will disclose his findings, at least to his boss, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, after the November midterm elections,…

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