The malware used to disrupt the global operations of Italian energy contractor Saipem S.p.A. earlier this week was none other than Shamoon, a disk wiper that's been used in two prior attacks against Saudi interests.

Saipem identified Shamoon as the culprit in a Dec. 12 news release that updated its previously vague disclosure of the incident. Around the same time, Alphabet Inc.'s cybersecurity subsidiary Chronicle issued a research brief confirming the detection of Shamoon samples that were uploaded to its VirusTotal file analyzing service.

These samples could very well be related to the Dec. 10 attack on Saipem, considering that two of them were uploaded to VirusTotal on the very same day from an IP address in Italy, where Saipem is headquartered. These two samples, plus an additional related module, were also uploaded on Dec. 11 from India, where Saipem has operations that were affected by the attack, Chronicle informed SC Media.