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Zero-day on Windows Server 2003 could affect up to 600,000 servers

A vulnerability has been discovered in Windows Server 2003 running IIS6 by two security researchers at the South China University of Technology, but Microsoft said it won’t issue a patch even though up to 600,000 servers could be running the unsupported software. The researchers posted a proof-of-concept exploit for the zero-day to Github. The flaw is…

Illustration by Robin Jareaux

Google proposes revoking Symantec certs

Google no longer has confidence in Symantec’s issuance of certifications In a dramatic criticism of one of the biggest suppliers of HTTPS credentials, Google Chrome developers said they would be restricting transport layer security certificates sold by Symantec-owned issuers effective immediately. The reason: “a continually increasing scope of misissuance,” said a statement from Ryan Sleevi,…

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