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Supporting BYOD without reservation

 When Spiceworks asked survey participants who restricted BYOD access why they did so,  the top answer by a substantial margin was concern about security, followed by concern about keeping personal and corporate data separate. This is consistent with other reports about BYOD concerns over the last several years.   When asked about the greatest challenge…

Data security in the 21st century

Investment in data protection proves cost-effective. Convincing the board is another matter. Stephen Lawton reports. This editorial product was produced by the SC editorial team and underwritten by Informatica.  It is part one of a three-part series. Building a return-on-investment (ROI) argument can be difficult enough when dealing with known information security technology, but creating…

The state of SIEM

The state of SIEM

The technology is capable of providing all of the data organizations need for compliance, but managing the log activity to make sense of it can be a challenge.

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