NETGEAR- How Internet Usage Puts Your Business at Risk
Small and mid-size businesses have come to rely heavily on the Internet as an essential part of their day-to-day operations. It offers speedy access to information and enables 24×7 communications with the outside world. But despite the overwhelming benefits the Internet offers, it also inherently puts companies at risk from an array of security threats. Simply utilizing the Web puts the companies at risk of Internet-based threats that multiplies as online activity increases.  Please use the link above to download this white paper.

NETGEAR® ProSecure™ STM brings enterprise-class Web and Email security to the SMB. Built on a patent-pending stream scanning architecture, NETGEAR® ProSecure™ STM provides a comprehensive, best-of-breed security solution, including proactive, “zero-hour” detection and “set it and forget it” administration. Click here for more information about NETGEAR.

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