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SC Media Reboot 2018

Land of the Giants

2018 threw some cybersecurity curve balls but it also looked a lot like 2017…only bigger. Teri Robinson reports.

Once upon a time, a Starwood breach exposed 500 million customers…$3.2 billion was lost to phishing attacks… 2.3 billion account credentials were compromised… A ransomware attack on the Sacramento Bee exposed the records of 19.5 million California voters. The threat of millions of dollars in GDPR fines loomed large. If ever the story of cybersecurity in2018 is spun as a fairy tale, it likely would be Jack and the Beanstalk.

Every year the SC Media Innovators edition highlights technologies that stand out from the crowd and show great promise for the future and the 2018 list of honorees is no different. The SC Labs Review Team is proud to present the 18 vendors being honored, as well as, the six members of much-anticipated class of 2018 Hall of Fame inductees.

The entire SC family invites all our readers to please download the complete list.

Computer plate and flag of China

Supply and Demand (for security)

2018 was the year that raised the alarm in earnest about potential vulnerabilities in the supply chain for enterprise computing systems. But with such diverse networks and widespread dependence on third parties, how can organizations expect to plug all potential leaks?  Karen Epper Hoffman reports. It sounds like the stuff of a modern-day John LeCarre novel: The…

Here we are on the cusp of 30

Here we are, another year almost wrapped and I’m starting to rethink whether I’ve chosen the right profession. What’s set me on this path is a recent study I’ve been mulling, which basically reveals that cybercrime is, like, the hottest industry for career-minded professionals looking for lucrative occupations that could make them millions of dollars…

With there being simply too many honorees to fit in such a confined space, please follow this link to see the complete list of SC Media’s 2018 Reboot Leadership Award winners.

Last Word

By Brian Vecci
Now that we’re six months past the GDPR deadline, and almost a year away from the California Consumer Privacy Act, I’m still surprised to meet companies taking a wait-and-see approach to compliance.