In the vault: The Coastal Bank and IronKey
In the vault: The Coastal Bank and IronKey

Deployment went smoothly

Deployment of the IronKey tool was very smooth, Montgomery says. "We spent six weeks performing education and training among all of our staff, and also invited six customers to participate in our beta program so that we could have their reactions and make any minor adjustments well in advance of our official launch."

The bank is well ahead of its goals for adoption rate. And, Montgomery says it is very easy to manage and operate on the backend, and even easier for customers to use and understand.

"The product has met or exceeded all of our expectations thus far," he says.

In addition to meeting FFIEC guidelines, the IronKey Trusted Access meets NACHA [the electronics payments association] and FBI recommendations for safe online banking by providing a dedicated, isolated and secure browser environment, says Montgomery. "And the secure browser approach is recognized by Gartner as one of the five critical security controls for preventing online banking fraud," he adds.

The tool does not require network integration to the bank in any form as it is standalone and creates an access portal that is only accessible to the bank's customers. Yet, it touches the entire company.

All employees of the bank have personal sales and referral goals, Montgomery explains. Internal materials were designed with each department in mind to help make it easier for them to relate to the IronKey product, and how it can be best applied to their clients' needs. The Coastal Bank provided all of its employees with an IronKey product and has made wearing the device part of the company uniform. This prompts people to ask questions and has facilitated additional units being deployed.

The goal is to complete its initial deployment within the company and to make sure it has deployed the product to its highest risk clients. "We are also making the product available to everyone whether or not they are a customer of the bank," Montgomery says. "Malware and cybercrimes are a major threat to everyone, and we feel that as a community bank it is our duty to make it available to everyone in the communities we serve."