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The ProtectWise Grid

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See the innovator - Pricing is tiered and based on the amount of network traffic ingested and the length of time network data is retained for retrospection.



Immersive security that allows analysts to see the potentially malicious activity on the network from inside the enterprise using creative visualization.

We first came across this innovator when we took them with us to monitor security for Superbowl 50. We were intrigued by the tool's unique heads-up display and we found that it was very effective in the environment where we deployed. That noted, we started watching them a bit closer and last year we made them part of the innovators class of 2016.

This is a unique hunting tool that gathers data from sensors that you place strategically in your enterprise. The sensors report to the cloud where the analytics are done and the results displayed in their heads-up display which is kill-chain oriented.

This is a very rapidly-growing company. There are around 100 employees and there are hundreds of sensors deployed world-wide. The system stores over 100 billion records collected from the sensors. Over the past year ProtectWise has really been burning up the innovation scene. For example, although the company focuses upon the network, there is a move afoot to add endpoint detection and the company is one of three launch partners for the new PaloAlto detection framework.

Although ProtectWise provides intelligence from various providers, it has developed the concept of “bring your own intelligence.” Instead of just ProtectWise intelligence, the company invites customers to add any white or black list of their own. An example is ingestion of Snort signatures and IDS rules. Additionally, the company has expanded past the enterprise to the cloud offering automated detection and response in cloud-based environments and industrial control systems. This innovator can put lightweight edge sensors so customers don't need full-size appliances.

ProtectWise sees that the market is continuously evolving and the company is able to benefit from its form factor: they use microservices. This innovator is developing continuously, pushing new code on a daily basis focusing on network telemetry. In that regard, the company is adding to its already creative UI by adding a “grid tab” in the near future. This tab will display virtual cityscapes of the monitored enterprise making rapid spotting of malicious activity even easier than the current heads-up display (which it will augment rather than replace). Their notion of “immersive security” keeps them, they believe, on the bleeding of visualization. ProtectWise recently launched a companion research site at