Industry Innovators: Hall of Fame
Industry Innovators: Hall of Fame


When BeyondTrust acquired eEye – and, in the process, Retina CS – it got a serious player in the vulnerability management market. More than just vulnerability assessment, Retina CS also supports patch management and a raft of compliance-related functions. With the rapid growth of new exploits, it is not enough to scan for vulnerabilities. One must manage the vulnerabilities and their remediation. Then, at the end of all of that – and before one starts over from scratch again – admins need to be able to produce the compliance reports that drive the security market today.

BeyondTrust is far more than a one-trick pony. The company's creativity and drive to innovate is what keeps this organization at the forefront of its market. Like many companies, currently and in the past, BeyondTrust has based a lot of its growth on acquisition of new technology. Whether it buys companies to get the technology, licenses the technology or hires experts to develop them in-house, new approaches to tough problems are what make this Innovator run. In the case of Retina CS, the technology came from the acquisition of eEye, a pioneer in the field.

Companies such as BeyondTrust take on a serious responsibility when they provide products that protect their customers. Some of the company's customers are among the largest of their type in the world. Protecting the majority of the world's 10 largest banks translates, ultimately, into having a stake in protecting the world's economy. BeyondTrust takes that burden very seriously – and it is part of what drives the innovation within the company.

In the case of this Innovator's vulnerability management tools, one of its key benefits is scalability. It is very difficult to perform vulnerability scans on large numbers of devices, both in a timely manner and without undue burden on network resources. Retina CS manages that very nicely using agent technology. Add to that an extremely broad base of supported devices and systems and you have a vulnerability management tool for today's widely disbursed, often virtual, environments.

While we focused on this Innovator's vulnerability management tool, it is pretty important to note that the company is in a lot more market spaces. The imagination and creativity to integrate its overall vision for enterprise security extends from the cloud through the data center to mobile and other endpoint devices. It is the hallmark of this very creative and innovative company.


Vendor: BeyondTrust

Flagship product: Retina CS


Cost: 256 asset count begins at $8,000

Innovation: Delivering insight and intelligence into the high velocity world of security and compliance.

Greatest strength: Vision and customer-centered approach.