Industry Innovators: Hall of Fame
Industry Innovators: Hall of Fame

Now we get to the meat of the issue: Protecting the data directly. Everything else in this issue contributes to defense-in-depth, but the tools in this section hit the target right in the bullseye. We deal with the problem on several levels. The solutions to challenges in the various aspects of data protection come in several flavors, and one can mix them together as requirements dictate. That in mind, we are pretty certain that you'll find something in this group that will help you solve a data protection challenge.

We start by assuming that our enterprise is infected – a good assumption to make these days – and we need to ensure that our data stays in the enterprise where it belongs. Data leakage protection does not need to address malware-borne data exfiltration only, though. Some data walks out the door on thumb drives or gets emailed out either maliciously or in naïve innocence. This year's DLP product is a one-two punch that adds encryption to the DLP mix.

One of the most dangerous attack vectors is the browser. This is where the bugs ride into the enterprise on a wave of surfing, whether innocent or not. There is just about no website that can, de facto, be trusted today. If not for the browser, though, we still would have challenges in email. Our next two Innovators hit the browser and email respectively.

We wrap up this section with the latest security monster under the bed: mobile devices. Mobile device apps are, as a colleague once told me, the leading distribution channel for malware on the internet. There are lots of ways to address this threat, and this year we have a couple of the most creative ones we've seen in quite a while.

Taken together, the tools in this section have a good handle on protecting the data directly no matter where it lies. If we toss in some of the tools in our other sections, this year we get the whole mix and overall we find that the generation of tools exemplified by this year's Innovators does the job nicely. The tools in this section make a strong centerpiece for exactly that.