Industry Innovators: Hall of Fame
Industry Innovators: Hall of Fame


Over and over we have said in these pages that the key duty of information assurance is to protect the data. One of the most difficult instances of that duty is data leakage prevention. DLP must address data at rest and data in motion. To do that it must know where the data is. This Innovator accomplishes this duty through four seamlessly integrated DLP modules.

Trustwave is well experienced in information assurance, in general. The TrustKeeper platform is a mainstay of solid information protection on several levels. The company has leveraged this experience to achieve a strongly conceived product that addresses the tough challenges of data leakage prevention.

Starting with more than 70 out-of-the-box compliance categories, this Innovator addresses regulatory issues head on. The product is designed to be set up rapidly, delivering quick results. That is yet another example of the trend that we saw this year toward ease of use. The product actually is a suite of four modules.

DLP Discover detects and locates IP and sensitive content that one doesn't want to exfiltrate. DLP Monitor watches for sensitive data traveling out of the network and blocks it. DLP Protect explicitly monitors email and attachments. And DLP + Encryption adds strong encryption to the mix. Taken as a suite, these modules cover the DLP landscape quite nicely.

The DLP + Encryption module is especially creative. It is a combination of DLP Discover, encryption and a comprehensive set of policies that let users find sensitive data and apply encryption per an established policy. It does this with minimal user intervention, and the encryption uses a tagging mechanism to ensure its persistence.

Compliance reporting is comprehensive as well so the DLP suite not only provides appropriate, easy-to-use DLP, it addresses regulatory requirements. As part of the overall Trustwave product line, DLP provides a strong, focused capability for protecting an organization's data. This is a tough challenge, but this Innovator's DLP suite really shines. Priced right, backed by an experienced vendor, and with all of the appropriate tools, Trustwave DLP is just the kind of innovative product we look for.


Vendor: Trustwave

Flagship product: Trustwave DLP

Cost: Unlimited scanning for data-at-rest starts at $5,000 per scanning node. Finding and protecting data-in-motion starts at $50 per device.

Innovation: Tight integration of all of the functionality of DLP, including the addition of encryption.

Greatest strength: Comprehensive view of information assurance in general and DLP in particular, along with the ability to draw from that view to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.