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New approaches needed to combat next-gen threats

Conventional approaches have not been successful in mitigating the security risks facing enterprises, speakers told an audience Thursday evening at the Rethink Cyber NYC event.

Motorola CISO: Social messaging provides myriad pathways to infect mobile devices

Threats against mobile phones continue to grow as cybercriminals recognize these devices as a key point of convergence for a host of social messaging applications, according to Richard Rushing, CISO at Motorola Mobility.

Panel: Obsession with regulatory compliance doesn't guarantee good cybersecurity

Companies should spend less time worrying about meeting minimal requirements for cybersecurity compliance, and concentrate more on how to protect their most sensitive operations, according to experts speaking today at SC Congress Chicago.

McDonald's adding biometrics-based access management to its menu?

McDonald's has been tinkering with the idea of using biometrics to manage employee access to corporate systems inside its retail locations, said a McDonald's corporate manager at SC Congress Chicago on Thursday.