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1.5 million records lost in March health care industry data breaches

A sharp spike in the number of health care data breaches was recorded in March with 39 incidents taking place compromising more than 1.5 million patient record.

Waymo sues Uber and subsidiary Otto over alleged digital theft of intellectual property

Autonomous car developer Waymo has filed suit against Uber and its subsidiary Otto for theft of trade secrets and patent infringement, alleging that Otto's founder Anthony Levandowski stole IP from Waymo while he was still an employee there.

Uber drives down alert fatigue with customized data sets

To combat alert fatigue among its security analysts, transportation service Uber applies specially customized data sets to flagged incidents to help distinguish between genuine threats and non-malicious activities.

Almost all organizations lack the technology to defend against cyberattacks, Tripwire

A new survey shows that just 3 percent of IT security professionals believe their organization has the technology in place to deal with the most common cyber problems that they face.

Cisco: Data breaches costing some businesses 20 percent of revenue

The cybercrime landscape underwent several changes in 2016 with malicious actors taking a more "corporate" approach to their craft, which helped lead to even greater losses by business hit with a cyberattack.

Brian Krebs says the US needs to cultivate more "Hackers for Good"

Cyber-security blogger Brian Krebs spoke at Microsoft BlueHat IL on the psychology of the modern-day supervillain hacker and outlining key threats.

WikiLeaks seeks Trump's tax returns

The WikiLeaks call to hackers went out just after presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway said on ABC's "This Week" that Trump would not release his returns.

CIOs fear losing cyber fight against sophisticated hackers, lax users

A survey of 400 CIOs of large organisations in the US, UK and Germany finds majority fear they're fighting a losing battle, says company promoting micro-virtualisation as a new approach to security.

Obama confident in commuting Chelsea Manning's sentence, Assange won't leave embassy

Julian Assange had promised to agree to extradition if President Obama commuted Chelsea Manning's sentence, but Obama said that pledge didn't influence his decision.

Defending Your Data Wherever it Resides

It's all about data security.

Cyber Monday alert: Risk from insiders

Just in time for the biggest online shopping day of the year, Cyber Monday, a new study from Bay Dynamics examines cyber risks online retailers face from their employees, whether permanent or contracted.