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Intrusion Prevention Systems

F-Secure Protection Service for Business v4

The F-Secure Protection Service for Business is a completely integrated security platform which consists of two parts. The first part is comprised of client applications that are deployed across the network. The second part is a web portal that can be used to manage clients and to monitor the network.

Clone Systems Clone Guard Managed IDS/IPS

The Clone Systems Clone Guard Managed Security Suite provides protection from malicious threats against VoIP, web or customized applications. This service detects, logs, prevents and reports suspicious, malicious or unauthorized access to critical network resources.

AT&T Network-Based Firewall v3

The Network-Based Fire­wall service provided by AT&T protects a custom­er’s WAN by providing secure inbound and outbound internet access through security gate­ways. This service also provides a consistent enforcement of security policies to all customer locations without premises equipment

RadWare DefensePro, Version 3.10

The RadWare DefensePro is an appliance-based product that requires the RadWare InSite appliance for configuration and management. Together these two products are feature-rich and offer the most comprehensive functionality we’ve found.

SecurityMetrics IDS/IPS

This device is like a slightly stripped down version of a unified threat manager (UTM). The SecurityMetrics IDS/IPS not only includes IDS/IPS functionality, but it is also a vulnerability assessment tool and it can be configured to be a firewall and router.

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