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IBM-ISS Proventia IPS GX6116

The Proventia IPS GX6116 could be considered the high-end sports car of IPS appliances. Not only does this device include several protection and analysis features — such as protocol analysis for more than 140 different network and application protocols, heuristics and pattern matching — but it is built for speed.

RadWare DefensePro, Version 3.10

The RadWare DefensePro is an appliance-based product that requires the RadWare InSite appliance for configuration and management. Together these two products are feature-rich and offer the most comprehensive functionality we’ve found.

SecurityMetrics IDS/IPS

This device is like a slightly stripped down version of a unified threat manager (UTM). The SecurityMetrics IDS/IPS not only includes IDS/IPS functionality, but it is also a vulnerability assessment tool and it can be configured to be a firewall and router.

TippingPoint 50

This IPS (the renamed UnityOne-50) is the baby of TippingPoint’s range, able to support throughput of up to 50Mbps – but the firm has a full range of products, able to cope with throughput up to five gigabits. The TippingPoint 50 has dual Fast Ethernet ports, so it can work inline with a connection and a dedicated management port.

V-Secure V-100

This might not be the most attractive appliance, with a bright green front, but its flexible architecture is likely to win it support. It is designed to sit internally or between the firewall and router and can support up to 100Mbps of network traffic. It comes with two Fast Ethernet ports and operates in-line with a network connection. There is also a dedicated management port.

Countersnipe APD 1000

The APD 1000 is a 1U, Pentium 4-based server running Linux. As such, the first configuration steps are to connect a keyboard and mouse, and enter a management IP address for its management Fast Ethernet interface. It’s quick and easy to do, and then gives access to the ADP 1000’s web-based management, the Dashboard.

Sentivist IPS Sensor 500

NFR’s Sentivist IPS uses a combination of hardware sensors, and software for managing. It ships with a Java-based management console, which is good for monitoring and configuring individual sensors.

SonicWall Pro 5060

This is part of SonicWall’s security platform appliance range. It’s the top-of-the-line model, featuring six Gigabit Ethernet ports and an Intel Xeon processor. Technically, it’s not actually an IPS appliance, but more of a firewall with IPS abilities. That said, you can turn the main firewall off and operate it in-line with another firewall.

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