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SMEs ahead of larger orgs in IoT security, study

SMEs may not have the resources of their larger peers but they're training them on identifying threats and determining the potential dangers connected devices pose, according to a study from Pwnie Express.

Svpeng mobile banking trojan now a keylogger

Cybercriminals have updated the functionality of the popular Svpeng mobile banking trojan giving it keylogger capabilities and the ability to access the text input from almost all of a devices apps.

IoT improvement act would set security standards for cos. selling to government

Under the act device makers couldn't hardcore passwords, which have been exploited in the past to spread malware like in the recent Mirai attacks, into products sold to the government.

Researcher: In two decades, adversaries at war could cause mass destruction via IoT attacks

Two decades from now, warring adversaries could conceivably attack each other by sabotaging a population's IoT consumer devices en masse, respected cybersecurity expert Mikko Hypponen predicted at Black Hat on Thursday.

Hacking Nemo: Adversary compromises smart fish tank at casino

An unknown actor recently succeeded in hacking into a casino's smart fish tank and exfiltrating its data to a device in Finland.

Cisco predicts a major increase in cyberattacks designed to destroy systems

Cisco researchers are predicting more and larger cyberattacks that have the goal of destroying their targets systems, instead of financial gain or stealing information.

Devil's Ivy bug patched after found in toolkit potentially used by millions of IoT devices

Researchers investigating a vulnerability in security cameras from Axis Communications ended up uncovering a far more wide-ranging threat when they discovered the flaw actually lies within a toolkit used by myriad IoT product developers.

Bipartisan bill aims to generate cyber hygiene best practices

The "Promoting Good Cyber Hygiene Act" would create a baseline of best practices, ensure those practices come under annual review and update and are published on a publicly accessible website.

Linux malware gaining favor among cybercriminals

Linux malware is becoming a more important tool for cybercriminals as these individuals focus a greater portion of their attention on attacking IoT devices running the open-source operating system.

Automotive and IoT companies paying handsomely as bug bounty rewards rise

The average bug bounty payout has jumped from $295 a little over a year ago to $451, as the automotive industry leads the way with an average payout of $1,514, according to Bugcrowd, a leading vulnerability disclosure platform provider.

Power industry significantly concerned of cyberthreats, says industry exec

National Grid spokesperson tells SC "gas and electricity networks are isolated from our everyday business systems to ensure our networks remain safe and reliable."

Persirai is tops among four families of IoT camera botnets

An analysis of roughly 4,400 IP cameras in the U.S. using custom http servers found that just over 51 percent of them are infected by one of four Internet of Things botnet malware families, according to new research.

New IoT bot Persirai ensnaring IP cameras

Apparently emanating from Iran, Persirai has been detected by researchers at Trend Micro linking more than 1,000 internet protocol (IP) camera models into a vast Internet of Things (IoT) botnet.

Bondnet 007.01 botnet seizes servers to farm cryptocurrency

The sky may have fallen causing agents and servers across the globe to go rogue as the Bondnet 007.01 botnet army seizes victims to do its bidding.

Paid in the USA: Americans more likely to pony up when infected with ransomware

The U.S. suffered 34 percent of global ransomware infections last year - and it's no wonder why, with 64 percent of Americans willing to pay to retrieve their encrypted files, compared to 34 percent of victims worldwide, according to Symantec.

App vulnerability could burn Aga oven owners

Aga oven owners could have been left scratching their heads over why their food did not cook properly if not for a researcher at Pen Test Partners.

Side-channel attack technique steals PINs by analyzing smart device sensor readings

Researchers in the UK have uncovered a technique for malicious websites to spy on smart device owners and even decipher their screen touches and PIN number entries by secretly monitoring their devices' sensor data.

BrickerBot malware attacks and destroys unsecure IoT devices

The security firm Radware has come across two new forms of Denial of Service (DOS) malware that is attacking and bricking Internet of Things devices for as yet unknown reasons.

Chrysaor spyware's live audio recording capability called sophisticated and elaborate

The recently uncovered Chrysaor spyware tool has an amazingly complex and stealthy way to record audio that is able to fly under the user's radar.

Researcher hacks SmartTV using radio signals

A proof of concept test has shown that some smart TVs can be hacked using just common radio signals that can give a hacker control over the television's camera and mic to view who is viewing.

Mirai 2.0 hits college in February with 54-hour long DDoS attack

A newer and more potent version of Mirai malware was used last month to pummel an unnamed U.S. college with a 54-hour long distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.